Funded Projects

Grant Activity Overview (2006–2020)

  • Total number of regular cycle grants awarded: 206
  • Total funds distributed: $8,740,055 (between $296,821 to $854,000 each year)
  • Grant range: $2,500 to $150,000; with 40% of approved grants ranging from $20,000 to $50,000
  • Average grant size: $43,210
  • Grants have been awarded to students, faculty and leadership from all schools and many different organizations, centers, and areas.

Flash Funding Overview (2019–2020)

  • Total Flash Funding Grants Awarded: 21
  • Total Flash Funding: $161,306
  • Grant Range:  $1,400 to $10,000

2020—Total Grant Amount:  $962,073

Flash Funds: $108,716

Regular Cycle Awards: $853,357

2019—Total Grant Amount:  $853,169

Flash Funds: $52,590

Student Organization
Echols Scholars Symposium – $10,000

Student Organization
WICS Hack for the Future – $1,400

Student Organization
Solar Education Community Outreach Program – $2,850

Student Organization
Coding for Kids – $2,400

Office of the Provost
Community Engagement Training Videos – $7,940

Student Organization
Lightbulb – $10,000

Student Organization
Ripple Fellowship – $8,000

Media Studies
VQRadio: Virginia Quarterly Review Podcast Initiative – $10,000

Regular Cycle Awards: $800,579

Alumni Association
Student Veteran’s Support Initiative—$60,000

Data Science Institute
Data for the Social Good—$50,000

Infectious Disease in 3D—$99,945

Religious Studies
Religion, Race, and Democracy—$100,000

Student Affairs
Concussion and Headaches—$25,837

Cadaver-specific Virtual Dissection Table—$70,491

Curry School of Education
Developing Tools to Transform Student Experiences—$141,173

Student Organization
Rotunda Planetarium—$30,000

Student Organization
The Flux Poetry Series—$21,800

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection
Madayin Aboriginal Art Catalog—$56,000

Emergency Medicine
UVA Medical Design Program—$81,500

Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry
Reshaping Public and Archival Space in the School of Nursing—$32,260

School of Architecture
Minority Youth Development Program—$31,573

2018—Total Grant Amount: $700,000

Student Organization
Science Delivered—$19,000

Student Financial Services
UVA Financial Education and Wellness Program—$57,900

Student Run Project, Environmental Science
UVA-SWO Partnership for Rangeland Ecology Research and Education—$67,800

Religious Studies/Contemplative Sciences Center
Student Flourishing Initiative-Platform Development—$100,000

Rare Book School at the University of Virginia
Presswork: A Program for Hands-on Historical Printing & Research—$69,865

Urban and Environmental Planning
A Virtual Exploration of Central Grounds Through Time and Space—$35,100

Student Organization
The Human Library—$36,626

Student Organization
QSU Community Partnership Program—$6,000

Student Organization
Hoos First Look—$10,479

Student Organization
Virginia Women’s Chorus Bicentennial Commission—$8,000

Civil War Era Charlottesville—$26,400

Environmental Sciences
Words on paper: art to engage science and policy—$38,923

Student Organization
Profit with Purpose—$4,000

Student Organization
TRANSFERmational Project—$15,300

School of Nursing
Community Resilience & Global Engagement: Disaster Preparedness in Nursing—$87,000

Architectural History
Strategies of Interpretation II: Highland—$17,837

Student Affairs
Hoos Connected—$39,000

Institute of World Languages
Language Forward Initiative—$50,770

Student Organization
The Ridley Scholars Outreach Video—$10,000

2017—Total Grant Amount: $727,947


Curry—Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education (CISE)
Simulations in Teacher Education—$50,000

Undergraduate Exploration with Cosmic Rays—$26,650

Logistical Pathways to Critical Diversity—$100,000

Diet and Nutrition Intervention Lab—$40,000

Disability Studies Initiative—$45,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Inaugural Diversity Funding: “McIntire Allies” & “Diversity Dialogues”—$15,000

Student Organization
Solar Car Team at UVA—$20,771

Engineering and Society
Teaching Methods Course for Engineering TAs—$89,088

Global Affairs
The Presidential Precinct—$50,000

School of Architecture
UVA Landscape Studies Initiative—$83,000

Law Library
The Digital 1828 Catalogue Collection Project—$29,419

Neurosurgery, School of Medicine
UVA Neurosurgery Teaching and Mentoring Initiative—$6,670

Student Organization
Virtual Tour-University Guide Service—$60,000

Medicine – GI
Visiting Scholar Program for Underrepresented Minorities in GI—$17,400

Student Organization
College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational—$7,375

Student Organization
Q* Anthology of Queer Culture—$7,674

School of Nursing—Dean’s Office
Interprofesional Innovation: Advanced Disease Life Support—$57,700

Student Organization
Hoots Tutoring—$4,400

2016—Total Grant Amount: $777,000

Cell Biology
Construction of tissues in vitro—$92,138

Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine
Medical Innovation + Human-Centered Design Program—$71,463

Curry, Dept. of Curriculum
Curry Teaching Fellowships—$67,375

Bio-medical Engineering
Developing Leadership in 3D-Bioprinting—$60,000

Planning Jefferson Institute for Engaged Youth—$59,500

Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Teaching Seminar—$57,532

Fralin Museum of Art
Kootz Gallery—$52,000

UVA Career Center
Experiential Career Preparation—$50,000

Student Organization
Preserving Self-governance for Our Third Century—$47,235

School of Engineering
Automata Ambassador Program—$45,000

Micro Biology, Immunology and Cancer
Mass Cytometry Antibody Bank—$35,000

Student Organization
Jefferson Society Archives Project—$33,615

Student Organization
Co-create UVA—$25,230

Music Dept.
Songs of Virginia Songbook project—$25,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Founders- and Funders-in-Residence—$24,000

Intramural, Cavalier Outdoor Sports
Cavalier Outdoor Adventure Retreats (COAR)—$11,592

Student Organization
The Daedalus Project—$10,320

UVA Library
2-day Round-Tables at SALALM 2016—$10,000

2015—Total Grant Amount: $637,737

Office of the President and the Curry School
National Standard of Excellence Workshop—$93,244

Brown College
“Monroe Hill”—$85,000

Kinesiology, Curry School
Kinesiology Teaching Lab—$82,148

Office of Vice-President of Research
Developing Future Research Leaders in Sustainability and Resilience—$72,500

Student Organization
Charlottesville Debate league—$58,975

University of Virginia Library
Libra: Opening Access to Alumni Theses and Dissertations—$58,350

Ignite: Launching the Next Generation of UVA Faculty—$49,760

Curry School of Education
Integrated Learning for the Next Generation of School Leaders—$43,500

Student Affairs, Community Engagement
Civic Engagement and Student Scholars: Understanding Public Service at Mr. Jefferson’s University—$22,400

Sustained Dialogue Institute
PULSE at UVA—$19,430

McIntire School of Commerce
Integration of Rotman Interactive Trader Software into the B.S. in Commerce Curriculum—$18,000

School of Medicine
Imaging Technology Series—$15,000

Public Health, Science
Greens to Grounds—$11,430

Darden School of Business
Darden Impact Ventures—$8,000

2014—Total Grant Amount: $685,749

Office of the Provost
The Jefferson’s University-Early Life Project, 1819-1870—$81,000

Radiation Oncology
Development of a new patient imaging technique based on nuclear resonance fluorescence—$70,000

Department of Physics
Fabrication of a novel material synthesis equipment as an advanced undergraduate and graduate research topic and lab experiment—$65,000

Office of the Provost
Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research (USOAR)—$50,000

Vice-President for Global Affairs
Global Research in Tandem (GRIT)—$50,000

Public Health
Virginia Cancer Health Disparities—$42,130

Dept of Chemistry
Team-Based Guided Inquiry Laboratories for Introductory Chemistry Students—$33,500

OpenGrounds Virtual Network—$30,500

Curry School
Teachers in the Movement—$30,000

School of Architecture
Arctic Design Initiative—$28,000

Arts and Science Dean’s Office
Communicating Science to Public Audiences: A Workshop Series for STEM Students—$26,739

Department of Religious Studies
The Symposium on the Tibetan Book—$24,040

College of Arts & Sciences
George Washington Day-by-Day: 22 Feb. 1732-Feb 1799—$23,750

Darden School of Business
National Debt—$23,400

McIntire School of Commerce
Experiential Entrepreneurship Education—$23,035

Department of Music
Arts Mentors Program—$22,800

Systems and Information Engineering
Quantitative Arts at UVA: Electronic Identity and Embodied Technology Atelier—$22,295

School of Architecture
Design-Driven Manufacturing Studios—$14,000

Student Organization
Seriatim: Journal of American Politics—$10,000

Center for Global Health
The HOPE Project—$5,460

School of Medicine
HeArt of Medicine Project—$5,100

School of Medicine
Health Policy Advocates—$5,000

2013—Total Grant Amount: $670,643

Office of the President
Developing Students for Leadership in Data-Intensive Research and Innovation—$100,000

Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
Pan-University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative—$90,000

Corks and Curls Legacy Project—$65,000

Open Grounds
Art and Environmental Action/OpenGrounds Challenge—$58,000

Engineering School
Thornton Stacks Renovation Project—$50,000

Slavic Languages & Literatures Department
Books Behind Bars: Life, Literature, and Leadership—$50,000

College of Art & Sciences
New Learning Initiative Fund—$50,000

Darden School of Business
Darden Prisoner Reentry Education Initiative—$48,000

Office of the University Architect
Conservation Analytical Microscope—$45,570

Fralin Museum of Art
Emilie Charmy (international loan exhibition)—$27,000

School of Architecture
Creative Listening at the Academical Village—$25,600

UVA Library
Multispectral Imaging of Jefferson Manuscripts—$25,000

School of Architecture
Stan Winston Arts Festival of the Moving Creature—$15,000

Dean of Students
Professional Protocols-Bridging the Gap for Underserved Populations Entering the Marketplace—$13,050

Multiple Schools
Rewriting the Eighteenth Centuries: An Interdisciplinary Symposium—$5,923

UVA Speaks
UVA Speaks—$2,500

2012—Total Grant Amount: $523,633

Department of English Language & Literature
Schoolhouse Online—$86,000

School of Engineering
Path Across the SEAS—$60,000

Vice-Provost for the Arts
Extending the Life of Bill T. Jones Residencies through Film—$59,500

Women’s Center and Curry School
Young Women Leaders Program: Sister-to-Sister Project—$50,000

WUVA & the Dept of Media Studies
Virginia Center for New Media Citizenship—$46,790

Center for Russian & Southeastern Languages
Increasing Understanding of East Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia at UVA—$42,000

Office of Diversity & Equity
STEM Undergraduate Summer Research Program—$32,200

Office of African-American Affairs
Aligning Achievement with Graduation Rates—$32,000

Dept of Physics
Research Adventure in Particle Physics for UVA Undergrads at Fermilab—$28,800

Business Ethics Society
Business Ethics Society Speaker Series—$25,000

Student Council
Entrepreneurship & Innovations Committee in Student Council—$22,000

Center for Nursing
Historical Inquiry Interactive Dissemination of Nursing Historical Resources—$20,893

Rare Book School
Why Books Matter: An Exhibition Series & University-Wide Competition—$18,450

2011—Total Grant Amount:$470,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Pavilion Seminars—$80,000

International Program
Changemaker Campus Initiative—$55,000

Physics – Arts & Sciences
Mass Spectrometer as Undergraduate Research Topic—$50,000

Dept of Religious Studies
Virginia Center for the Study of Religion—$50,000

Teaching Resource Center
Academy of Distinguished Teachers—$49,000

Rare Book School
Research Fellowship Program—$40,000

Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages
Increasing Understanding of Middle East & South Asia at UVA—$39,000

School of Engineering
Spectra: Virginia Engineering and Science Research Journal—$35,000

Enhancement of Administrative and Career Support Postdoctoral Scholars—$25,500

Department of English Language & Literature
Notes on the State of Virginia, Digital Edition—$23,000

Raven Society
Poe Room Restoration—$15,500

Student Organization
Flash Seminars—$8,000

2010—Total Grant Amount: $350,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the Global Development Studies Program—$54,000

Federalist Society (School of Law)
Support the 2011 Student Symposium—$50,000

Women’s Center
Support for the Body Positive Program—$48,000

Madison House
Support for the Madison House 40th Anniversary—$40,000

Office of Admissions
Scholars Visitation Program—$30,300

Institute on Aging
Preparing Public Citizens in the Art and Science of Health—$29,800

School of Architecture
Student Team Restoration & Conservation of the 1926 Academical Village Model—$28,900

Department of Music
Jefferson’s Soundscapes—$25,000

School of Nursing
Emerging Mobile Learning—$25,000

Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra
Celesta Purchase—$19,000

2009—Total Grant Amount:$376,657

University Library
Thomas Jefferson Architectural Drawings Conservation Project—$50,860

General University
Blackburn AccessUVa Contribution—$50,000

University Career Services
Employment Development Initiative (UCS)—$40,500

Office of the Provost
Center for International Studies Initiatives—$40,000

School of Nursing
Undergraduate Research Initiative—$31,400

School of Engineering
The Progressive Innovation Program—$30,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Brooks Hall Commons—$20,000

Community Relations/Public Affairs
Linking Day in the Life’s Service to Jefferson Public Citizens’ Growth—$20,000

School of Architecture
Promoting the Student Experience in Collaborate+Design+Build+Evaluate Through the Learning Barge and ecoMOD4 Summer Build 2009—$20,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Student Math Study Lounge—$20,000

School of Engineering
Virginia Water Resources Cooperative Program—$15,761

College of Arts & Sciences
Language Pedagogy Workshop for Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages—$15,000

Center for Politics
Youth Leadership Initiative e-Congress—$12,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Enhanced Research Educational Experience—$11,136

2008—Total Grant Amount: $470,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the College Science Scholars and College Arts Scholars programs—$75,000

School of Engineering
Support the international studies program—$75,000

Center for Undergrad Excellence
Support the Double Hoo research initiative—$60,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Support the global partnership and curriculum development—$60,000

Center for Global Health
Support the water and health initiative in Limpopo Province, South Africa—$50,000

Madison House
Support the Program Capacity Building Project—$50,000

School of Architecture
Support the Falmouth Field School in Historic Preservation—$40,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support small-class seminars with an academic advising component, called COLA—$30,000

Department of Germanic Languages and Literature
Support the Center of Germanic Studies—$15,000

Virginia Glee Club
Support the “Songs of Virginia” project—$15,000

2007—Total Grant Amount:$325,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the South Lawn construction project—$150,000

School of Nursing
Support the MBEYA Program for AIDS/HIV education in Lesotho—$50,000

School of Law
Create 13 Jefferson Trust PILA Fellowships that support internships in public-interest law—$50,000

Art Museum
Support multiple video projects of the 2005 exhibit: A Jeffersonian Ideal—$50,000

Development and Public Affairs
Support the marketing and communications of—$1 million Barber Challenge—$25,000

2006—Total Grant Amount: $301,821

Vice Provost for International Affairs
Support 24-hour access to international news feeds in Alderman Library—$100,000

Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra
Endow a principal’s chair for a harpist—$100,000

Faculty Senate
Support a dissertation-year fellowship—$25,000

Development and Public Affairs
Support the campaign’s public launch weekend—$25,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support seven of a new series of small-class seminars with an academic advising component, called COLA—$21,000

Center for Undergrad Excellence
Support nine faculty-supervised undergraduate researchers—$20,821

Office of African-American Affairs
Support the OAAA peer advising program—$5,000

Student Organization
Support two new awards for exemplary men’s and women’s club teams—$5,000