Grant Seekers

If you have an innovative idea or want to radically expand an existing program or project, and need funding, consider applying in one of our two grant cycles.

Guidelines for both cycles are simple:

  1. All UVA students, faculty, and staff are eligible to apply.
  2. We like proposals that have a tangible positive impact on the student experience, the University community, or society at large (locally, nationally, and globally) and encourage innovation and/or leadership.
  3. We fund innovative ideas and radical expansions of existing programs and projects. We do not provide sustainable, operating funds, nor support ventures with a for-profit outlook.
  4. We fund single and multi-year timelines (no more than three) provided the budgets for each year are submitted.
  5. Physical spaces are typically not funded unless tied to funding a new program.

Annual Cycle Grants

Annual Cycle grants typically range from $10,000 to over $300,0000, but there are no minimums, and maximums vary based on available funds.  Please review our grant history to get a sense of what has been funded in the past.

The cycle consists of three stages with grants made by early February.

  1. Letter of Inquiry
    Open: April 15
    Deadline: October 1
    Reviewed on a rolling basis. LOIs submitted before September 1 may be invited to edit and resubmit.
  2. Proposal
    Open: Invite only
    Deadline: October 31
    Decisions made in December, with possible invitation to next stage.
  3. Pitch
    Open: Invite only
    Close: January 24-25
    In-person pitches made to Board of Trustees, who make grant selections.

Flash Funding Grants

Flash Funding grants are capped at $10,000 and focus on short-term projects or immediate use opportunities, often for student organizations.

The cycle has only a proposal stage but multiple rounds.

  1. Round #1
    Open: January 1
    Deadline: January 31
    Grant: February 15
  2. Round #2
    Open: February 1
    Deadline: February 28
    Grant: March 15
  3. Additional Rounds
    are based on funding and availability

Ready to share your idea?

Please reach out to Director of Grants Amy Bonner at 434-243-9078,, or schedule a meeting. An idea is more likely to be funded if we have a chance to work with the grant seeker.

You may preview the LOIAnnual Cycle Proposal, or Flash Proposal forms.

Trustees and grant recipients share their insights for Perfecting Your Pitch.

When you’re ready to submit an LOI or proposal, log on to our Grant Portal.

Note for returning applicants: we transitioned to a new proposal system in 2020. If you submitted a proposal prior to 2020, your submission history has been migrated and you already have an account in the new portal. Your username will be your email address. You can login by clicking “Forgot Password.” Please contact our office with any questions.