Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Questions

Prior to completing the full application, grant seekers must submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), the questions for which are listed below.

Questions on the Letter of Inquiry Form

  • Applicant/Project Director Unit
  • Other Organization Name. If your organization is not listed in the options above, please list it here. For Students, please indicate the student organization or CIO related to this application. Character Limit: 250
  • Project Name. The name of the project is the unique “identifier” for the request. Character Limit: 100
  • Description. What are you trying to accomplish and why is it impactful to the student experience, the University community, or society at large. Provide specific numbers if possible. For example, if your proposal impacts the student experience, note both how and how many students will benefit. Character Limit: 5000
  • Jefferson Trust Funding Request. How much of the total budget are you requesting from the Jefferson Trust? Character Limit: 20
  • Optional Question: How did you learn about the Jefferson Trust? Please note, this is for informational purposes only and has no impact on your proposal. You may choose more than one option. Thank you for answering! Choices:
    • Cavalier Daily ad
    • Co-worker/Colleague
    • On-Grounds publicity (VPSA newsletter, UVA Arts newsletter, HooView ad, etc.)
    • Online Search
    • Other
    • Professor
    • Social Media
    • UVA Today article

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