Grants Overview & History

The Trust has two grant cycles, the Annual Cycle and the Flash Funding Cycle. The Annual Cycle is intended for requests with budgets ranging from $10,000 to over $300,000 and has a two-step submission process: Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) must be submitted by October 1, with full proposals due by October 31, and funding notifications made in early February. The Flash Funding Cycle starts each January, accepting proposals up to $10,000, and awards grants on a month-to-month basis.

More information on our grant history by year can be found below.

Annual Cycle Grants Overview (2006–2024)

  • 267 total annual cycle grants awarded
  • $13.8 million total funds distributed (between $296,821 to $1.4 million each year)
  • $51,949 average grant size
  • $2,500 to $300,000 grant range, with 46% of approved grants ranging from $20,000 to $50,000
  • Grants have been awarded to students, faculty and leadership from all schools and many University organizations, centers, or institutes.

Flash Grants Overview (2019–2024)

  • 79 total flash funding grants awarded
  • $616,230 total funds distributed (~$100,000 each year since 2019)
  • $7,161 average grant size
  • $750 to $10,000 grant range

2024—Total Grant Amount: $1.5 million

Flash Grants: $119,880

AFROTC VR Simulator: $10,000
UVA AFROTC Detachment 890

CALM Wellness Retreat: $1,400
Student Organization, School of Medicine

Smiles & Spatulas: $3,400
Student Organization

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Hub: $9,590
College of Arts & Sciences, Psychology

JunkLabz – Printers4Kidz: $10,000
Student Organization

Entrepreneurship for All: $10,000
Darden School of Business

Sara Curruchich. Being an Indigenous Woman in Today’s Guatemala: $10,000
University of Virginia Library

McIntire School of Commerce Escape Room Tournament: $8,000
Student Organization

The Stan Winston and Steve Warner Festival of the Moving Creature: $10,000
School of Architecture

Public Facing Writing: Editor Workshop Series: $10,000
Student Organization

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Research and Teaching: $8,040
College of Arts & Sciences

From the Ground Up: $9,700
Student Organization

Morven Soundscape: $10,000
College of Arts & Sciences

SWVA Can Code Regional Student Showcase: $9,750
UVA Wise

Annual Grants: $1.4 million

Jefferson Society Bicentennial Storytelling Project: $33,850
Student Organization

Nursing Narratives: $24,000
Student Organization

SPRINT Program: Bridging the Gap to Enhanced Rehabilitation and Community Engagement: $120,000
School of Education & Human Development

The influence of early-life sensory exposure on neural circuitry following preterm birth: $200,000
School of Medicine

The World at Your Doorstep, Democracy’s Future in Your Hands: $100,000
College of Arts & Sciences

D-Mine: $24,972
Student Organization

UVA Cyber Range: $71,548.79
Student Organization

ChangeMaker Bootcamp: $20,000
Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy

Center for Forest Urbanism: $86,000
School of Architecture

VCAC Student Symposium: $30,000
Office of the Provost

UVA Student Engagement with Local Black Histories: River View Farm: $98,800
College of Arts & Sciences

Gardening Grounds: $30,000
School of Architecture

Preparing Students for Careers in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (CTAP): $90,000
School of Data Science

UVA Facilities Management Community Connections Program: $102,000
Facilities Management

Design Discovery Youth Summer Program: $86,300
School of Architecture

A Partnership to Promote Innovation and Excellence in Lower Division Mathematics Courses: $170,000
School of Education & Human Development

UVAi Vanguard: $112,870
College of Arts & Sciences

2023—Total Grant Amount: $1,496,350

Flash Grants: $96,350

Darden Emerging Markets Conference: $10,000
Student Organization, Darden

Laboratory for Citizen Education and Leadership: $10,000
School of Education & Human Development

Behavioral Science Across Grounds: $9,240
Batten School

Creating a Cohesive and Coordinated Food Union: Food Union Banquet: $3,200
Student Organization

Morven Student Days: $10,000
School of Architecture

Orgopoly: The Organic Chemistry Monopoly/Gameboard: $1,522
Student Organization

Predicting Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at the Bedside: $3,187
Student Organization

The Virginia Undergraduate Investment Conference (VUIC): $10,000
Student Organization

VLPP Prison Education Program: $10,000

Black Economic Empowerment Society (BEES): $9,734
Student Organization

{in}Visible Magazine: $3,170
Student Organization

Talking Trees: $1,546
Student Organization

America’s Disappearing Chinatowns: $5,250
School of Architecture

UVA x Nocturnal Medicine: $9,500
Student Organization, School of Architecture

Annual Cycle Grants:

Printers 4 Kids: $30,000
Student Organization, School of Engineering

Building Community with Architecture and Design at Biscuit Run Park: $200,000
School of Architecture

C-Ville Tulips: $150,000
College of Arts & Sciences

Evaluating Collaboratory Cultures: $298,693
School of Data Science

Virginia Baja Racing: $25,000
Student Organization, School of Engineering

OrChiD-Bio: Organs-on-a-chip with integrated detection of bioluminescence: $100,000
School of Medicine

Piloting an Open-source Educational Manufacturing Model: $49,900
School of Education & Human Development

UVA Sawmilling: Fully Sustainable: $137,860
Student Organization, School of Architecture

[De]Construction Project: remapping the roles of design and implementation in the building industry: $136,550
School of Architecture

Co-designing Circular Plastics Initiative: $25,952
School of Architecture

UVA at Exhibit Columbus 2023: $35,000
School of Architecture

1st UVA Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) Competition: $22,729
Student Organization, School of Engineering

Including Preschoolers with Autism: $61,841
School of Education& Human Development

The Sports Science and Analytics Collective: $123,314
School of Data Science

2022—Total Grant Amount: $1,446,586

Flash Grants: $98,017

Accesibilizing UVA Health: A Navigational Experience: $7,480
Student Organization

STEM-Themed Art Contest for Chemistry Building: $2,500
Student Organization

“One Size Fits All” Short Film and Impact Campaign: $7,834
Student Organization

From Chaos to Chaos: Documenting Afghan Women: $10,000
Student Organization

Charlottesville Analog Film Festival: $5,320
Student Organization

The Historical Landscape of North Grounds: $6,735
UVA Law Library

Upper Mattaponi Land Use Study: $10,000
School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Developing Future Leaders in Autism Healthcare Through Emergency Medical Training: $9,973

Large Format 3D Printer: $1,000
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Zora’s Daughters Choosing Brilliance Lecture: $1,000
College of Arts & Sciences, Anthropology

Tangential Timber: Non-Linear Wood Masonry: $7,000
School of Architecture

Darden African Business Conference: $7,000
Student Organization, Darden

Taste of Home Open Fair: $752
Student Organization

3D Scanning at the Visual Resources Center: $8,660
College of Arts & Sciences, Art

History of Law Enforcement with an emphasis on UPD: $2,800
University Police Department

Psychology School Outreach Days: $9,962.74
Student Organization

Annual Cycle Grants: $1,348,469

Roadmap Scholars Initiative: $200,000
School of Law

Side Hustles Micro Courses: Masterclasses in Contemporary Business Topics: $150,000
McIntire School of Commerce, Management

Starr Hill Pathways: $150,000
Equity Center at UVA

Optimizing pediatric donor heart utilization using big data analytics: $133,078
School of Medicine, Pediatrics

Walking the walk: Environmental Thought and Practice in Real Life: $120,000
College of Arts & Sciences, Environmental Thought & Practice

Deaf Orpheus: $100,000
College of Arts & Sciences, Music

Decarbonization Innovation Summit and Lab: $100,000
Darden School of Business, Business Innovation & Climate Change Initiative

Phytoremediation to reclaim farm and tribal lands from PFAS contamination: $93,000
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Chemical Engineering

The Cavalair Project: Smarter buildings for a healthier UVA community: $82,000
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Engineering Systems and Environment

Centering African American Life in Central VA: Community Engagement & The Holsinger Portrait Project: $73,000
UVA Library, Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

Integration of Virtual Reality (VR) in Training Medical Students: $54,973
School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Search for Hidden Chambers in the Temple of Kukulcán at Chichén Itzá: $35,834
College of Arts & Sciences, Physics

Saving Athenian Democracy: $28,400
College of Arts & Sciences, Classics

Charlottesville Zoning Design Workshop (CZDW): $28,184
School of Architecture

2021—Total Grant Amount: $1,094,655

Flash Grants: $109,801

2020: Extraordinary Moments: $7,131
Student Organization

Hands-On History: the Letters of a Civil War Chaplain: $10,000
Student Organization

Starting Off on the Right Foot: Outfitting Montessori Lab School: $10,000
College of Arts & Science

The College Scoop Textbook Loaner Library: $10,000
Student Organization

Virginia Medical Review: $1,400
Student Organization

Extending Jefferson’s Vision on Leadership: Learning how to discuss race and racism through humility: $9,189
College of Arts & Sciences

The Architecture of The Green Book: a Digital Database: $10,000
School of Architecture

Teaching Writing and Anti-Racism in the ENWR 1510 Classroom Project: $6,200
Student Organization

i+DEAL: Interactive + Digital Electronic Arts Lab: $1,927.96
Student Organization

Book Arts Fellowship: $9,600
Virginia Humanities

Ultracold Multipurpose Molecular Manipulation and Imaging Laboratory for Undergraduate Research: $8,310
College of Arts & Sciences

COVID-19 Pandemic Education and Support: Children’s Book Collection: $8,739
University Library

Time Tables: Leveraging Our Material Past: $9,605
School of Architecture & Facilities

Girls Who Code at UVA — Raspberry Pi and Arduino Workshops: $7,700
Student Organization

Annual Cycle Grants: $984,854

“Knowing Better To Do Better” Preparing and Sustaining Equitable and Anti-Racist Educators: $49,478
School of Education & Human Development

Affordability and Equity: Open Educational Resources: $77,400
University Library

Biomaterial Building Exposition: $72,202
School of Architecture

Building a Sustained Commitment to Community Engaged Teaching: $130,000
Office of the Provost

Climate Restoration Initiative: $110,000
Pan-University Institute

Democracy at UVA Internship: $75,000
Miller Center of Public Affairs

DevHub@Wise: $49,720
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Distinguished Major Project Musical through Virginia Players: $2,500
Student Organization

Leadership Skills for a Diverse and Divided World: Developing Leaders who Facilitate Change: $64,900
Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy

Pediatric Mental Health in the Era of COVID-19: Helping Patients in Need via Group Telepsychology: $40,148.70
School of Medicine

Skyscraper Gothic:  $20,000
Fralin Museum of Art

The Robertson Media Center Women’s Maker Program: $44,980
University Library

UVA Brain Camp – A Neuroscience Summer Program for Kids: $49,326
Student Organization

UVA Edge: $100,000
School of Continuing & Professional Studies

Workforce Development in Data Science for Autistic Young Adults: $99,200
School of Data Science

2020—Total Grant Amount:  $962,073

Flash Funds: $108,716

Regular Cycle Awards: $853,357

2019—Total Grant Amount:  $853,169

Flash Funds: $52,590

Student Organization
Echols Scholars Symposium – $10,000

Student Organization
WICS Hack for the Future – $1,400

Student Organization
Solar Education Community Outreach Program – $2,850

Student Organization
Coding for Kids – $2,400

Office of the Provost
Community Engagement Training Videos – $7,940

Student Organization
Lightbulb – $10,000

Student Organization
Ripple Fellowship – $8,000

Media Studies
VQRadio: Virginia Quarterly Review Podcast Initiative – $10,000

Regular Cycle Awards: $800,579

Alumni Association
Student Veteran’s Support Initiative—$60,000

Data Science Institute
Data for the Social Good—$50,000

Infectious Disease in 3D—$99,945

Religious Studies
Religion, Race, and Democracy—$100,000

Student Affairs
Concussion and Headaches—$25,837

Cadaver-specific Virtual Dissection Table—$70,491

Curry School of Education
Developing Tools to Transform Student Experiences—$141,173

Student Organization
Rotunda Planetarium—$30,000

Student Organization
The Flux Poetry Series—$21,800

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection
Madayin Aboriginal Art Catalog—$56,000

Emergency Medicine
UVA Medical Design Program—$81,500

Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry
Reshaping Public and Archival Space in the School of Nursing—$32,260

School of Architecture
Minority Youth Development Program—$31,573

2018—Total Grant Amount: $700,000

Student Organization
Science Delivered—$19,000

Student Financial Services
UVA Financial Education and Wellness Program—$57,900

Student Run Project, Environmental Science
UVA-SWO Partnership for Rangeland Ecology Research and Education—$67,800

Religious Studies/Contemplative Sciences Center
Student Flourishing Initiative-Platform Development—$100,000

Rare Book School at the University of Virginia
Presswork: A Program for Hands-on Historical Printing & Research—$69,865

Urban and Environmental Planning
A Virtual Exploration of Central Grounds Through Time and Space—$35,100

Student Organization
The Human Library—$36,626

Student Organization
QSU Community Partnership Program—$6,000

Student Organization
Hoos First Look—$10,479

Student Organization
Virginia Women’s Chorus Bicentennial Commission—$8,000

Civil War Era Charlottesville—$26,400

Environmental Sciences
Words on paper: art to engage science and policy—$38,923

Student Organization
Profit with Purpose—$4,000

Student Organization
TRANSFERmational Project—$15,300

School of Nursing
Community Resilience & Global Engagement: Disaster Preparedness in Nursing—$87,000

Architectural History
Strategies of Interpretation II: Highland—$17,837

Student Affairs
Hoos Connected—$39,000

Institute of World Languages
Language Forward Initiative—$50,770

Student Organization
The Ridley Scholars Outreach Video—$10,000

2017—Total Grant Amount: $727,947


Curry—Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education (CISE)
Simulations in Teacher Education—$50,000

Undergraduate Exploration with Cosmic Rays—$26,650

Logistical Pathways to Critical Diversity—$100,000

Diet and Nutrition Intervention Lab—$40,000

Disability Studies Initiative—$45,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Inaugural Diversity Funding: “McIntire Allies” & “Diversity Dialogues”—$15,000

Student Organization
Solar Car Team at UVA—$20,771

Engineering and Society
Teaching Methods Course for Engineering TAs—$89,088

Global Affairs
The Presidential Precinct—$50,000

School of Architecture
UVA Landscape Studies Initiative—$83,000

Law Library
The Digital 1828 Catalogue Collection Project—$29,419

Neurosurgery, School of Medicine
UVA Neurosurgery Teaching and Mentoring Initiative—$6,670

Student Organization
Virtual Tour-University Guide Service—$60,000

Medicine – GI
Visiting Scholar Program for Underrepresented Minorities in GI—$17,400

Student Organization
College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational—$7,375

Student Organization
Q* Anthology of Queer Culture—$7,674

School of Nursing—Dean’s Office
Interprofesional Innovation: Advanced Disease Life Support—$57,700

Student Organization
Hoots Tutoring—$4,400

2016—Total Grant Amount: $777,000

Cell Biology
Construction of tissues in vitro—$92,138

Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine
Medical Innovation + Human-Centered Design Program—$71,463

Curry, Dept. of Curriculum
Curry Teaching Fellowships—$67,375

Bio-medical Engineering
Developing Leadership in 3D-Bioprinting—$60,000

Planning Jefferson Institute for Engaged Youth—$59,500

Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Teaching Seminar—$57,532

Fralin Museum of Art
Kootz Gallery—$52,000

UVA Career Center
Experiential Career Preparation—$50,000

Student Organization
Preserving Self-governance for Our Third Century—$47,235

School of Engineering
Automata Ambassador Program—$45,000

Micro Biology, Immunology and Cancer
Mass Cytometry Antibody Bank—$35,000

Student Organization
Jefferson Society Archives Project—$33,615

Student Organization
Co-create UVA—$25,230

Music Dept.
Songs of Virginia Songbook project—$25,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Founders- and Funders-in-Residence—$24,000

Intramural, Cavalier Outdoor Sports
Cavalier Outdoor Adventure Retreats (COAR)—$11,592

Student Organization
The Daedalus Project—$10,320

UVA Library
2-day Round-Tables at SALALM 2016—$10,000

2015—Total Grant Amount: $637,737

Office of the President and the Curry School
National Standard of Excellence Workshop—$93,244

Brown College
“Monroe Hill”—$85,000

Kinesiology, Curry School
Kinesiology Teaching Lab—$82,148

Office of Vice-President of Research
Developing Future Research Leaders in Sustainability and Resilience—$72,500

Student Organization
Charlottesville Debate league—$58,975

University of Virginia Library
Libra: Opening Access to Alumni Theses and Dissertations—$58,350

Ignite: Launching the Next Generation of UVA Faculty—$49,760

Curry School of Education
Integrated Learning for the Next Generation of School Leaders—$43,500

Student Affairs, Community Engagement
Civic Engagement and Student Scholars: Understanding Public Service at Mr. Jefferson’s University—$22,400

Sustained Dialogue Institute
PULSE at UVA—$19,430

McIntire School of Commerce
Integration of Rotman Interactive Trader Software into the B.S. in Commerce Curriculum—$18,000

School of Medicine
Imaging Technology Series—$15,000

Public Health, Science
Greens to Grounds—$11,430

Darden School of Business
Darden Impact Ventures—$8,000

2014—Total Grant Amount: $685,749

Office of the Provost
The Jefferson’s University-Early Life Project, 1819-1870—$81,000

Radiation Oncology
Development of a new patient imaging technique based on nuclear resonance fluorescence—$70,000

Department of Physics
Fabrication of a novel material synthesis equipment as an advanced undergraduate and graduate research topic and lab experiment—$65,000

Office of the Provost
Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research (USOAR)—$50,000

Vice-President for Global Affairs
Global Research in Tandem (GRIT)—$50,000

Public Health
Virginia Cancer Health Disparities—$42,130

Dept of Chemistry
Team-Based Guided Inquiry Laboratories for Introductory Chemistry Students—$33,500

OpenGrounds Virtual Network—$30,500

Curry School
Teachers in the Movement—$30,000

School of Architecture
Arctic Design Initiative—$28,000

Arts and Science Dean’s Office
Communicating Science to Public Audiences: A Workshop Series for STEM Students—$26,739

Department of Religious Studies
The Symposium on the Tibetan Book—$24,040

College of Arts & Sciences
George Washington Day-by-Day: 22 Feb. 1732-Feb 1799—$23,750

Darden School of Business
National Debt—$23,400

McIntire School of Commerce
Experiential Entrepreneurship Education—$23,035

Department of Music
Arts Mentors Program—$22,800

Systems and Information Engineering
Quantitative Arts at UVA: Electronic Identity and Embodied Technology Atelier—$22,295

School of Architecture
Design-Driven Manufacturing Studios—$14,000

Student Organization
Seriatim: Journal of American Politics—$10,000

Center for Global Health
The HOPE Project—$5,460

School of Medicine
HeArt of Medicine Project—$5,100

School of Medicine
Health Policy Advocates—$5,000

2013—Total Grant Amount: $670,643

Office of the President
Developing Students for Leadership in Data-Intensive Research and Innovation—$100,000

Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
Pan-University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative—$90,000

Corks and Curls Legacy Project—$65,000

Open Grounds
Art and Environmental Action/OpenGrounds Challenge—$58,000

Engineering School
Thornton Stacks Renovation Project—$50,000

Slavic Languages & Literatures Department
Books Behind Bars: Life, Literature, and Leadership—$50,000

College of Art & Sciences
New Learning Initiative Fund—$50,000

Darden School of Business
Darden Prisoner Reentry Education Initiative—$48,000

Office of the University Architect
Conservation Analytical Microscope—$45,570

Fralin Museum of Art
Emilie Charmy (international loan exhibition)—$27,000

School of Architecture
Creative Listening at the Academical Village—$25,600

UVA Library
Multispectral Imaging of Jefferson Manuscripts—$25,000

School of Architecture
Stan Winston Arts Festival of the Moving Creature—$15,000

Dean of Students
Professional Protocols-Bridging the Gap for Underserved Populations Entering the Marketplace—$13,050

Multiple Schools
Rewriting the Eighteenth Centuries: An Interdisciplinary Symposium—$5,923

UVA Speaks
UVA Speaks—$2,500

2012—Total Grant Amount: $523,633

Department of English Language & Literature
Schoolhouse Online—$86,000

School of Engineering
Path Across the SEAS—$60,000

Vice-Provost for the Arts
Extending the Life of Bill T. Jones Residencies through Film—$59,500

Women’s Center and Curry School
Young Women Leaders Program: Sister-to-Sister Project—$50,000

WUVA & the Dept of Media Studies
Virginia Center for New Media Citizenship—$46,790

Center for Russian & Southeastern Languages
Increasing Understanding of East Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia at UVA—$42,000

Office of Diversity & Equity
STEM Undergraduate Summer Research Program—$32,200

Office of African-American Affairs
Aligning Achievement with Graduation Rates—$32,000

Dept of Physics
Research Adventure in Particle Physics for UVA Undergrads at Fermilab—$28,800

Business Ethics Society
Business Ethics Society Speaker Series—$25,000

Student Council
Entrepreneurship & Innovations Committee in Student Council—$22,000

Center for Nursing
Historical Inquiry Interactive Dissemination of Nursing Historical Resources—$20,893

Rare Book School
Why Books Matter: An Exhibition Series & University-Wide Competition—$18,450

2011—Total Grant Amount:$470,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Pavilion Seminars—$80,000

International Program
Changemaker Campus Initiative—$55,000

Physics – Arts & Sciences
Mass Spectrometer as Undergraduate Research Topic—$50,000

Dept of Religious Studies
Virginia Center for the Study of Religion—$50,000

Teaching Resource Center
Academy of Distinguished Teachers—$49,000

Rare Book School
Research Fellowship Program—$40,000

Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages
Increasing Understanding of Middle East & South Asia at UVA—$39,000

School of Engineering
Spectra: Virginia Engineering and Science Research Journal—$35,000

Enhancement of Administrative and Career Support Postdoctoral Scholars—$25,500

Department of English Language & Literature
Notes on the State of Virginia, Digital Edition—$23,000

Raven Society
Poe Room Restoration—$15,500

Student Organization
Flash Seminars—$8,000

2010—Total Grant Amount: $350,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the Global Development Studies Program—$54,000

Federalist Society (School of Law)
Support the 2011 Student Symposium—$50,000

Women’s Center
Support for the Body Positive Program—$48,000

Madison House
Support for the Madison House 40th Anniversary—$40,000

Office of Admissions
Scholars Visitation Program—$30,300

Institute on Aging
Preparing Public Citizens in the Art and Science of Health—$29,800

School of Architecture
Student Team Restoration & Conservation of the 1926 Academical Village Model—$28,900

Department of Music
Jefferson’s Soundscapes—$25,000

School of Nursing
Emerging Mobile Learning—$25,000

Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra
Celesta Purchase—$19,000

2009—Total Grant Amount:$376,657

University Library
Thomas Jefferson Architectural Drawings Conservation Project—$50,860

General University
Blackburn AccessUVa Contribution—$50,000

University Career Services
Employment Development Initiative (UCS)—$40,500

Office of the Provost
Center for International Studies Initiatives—$40,000

School of Nursing
Undergraduate Research Initiative—$31,400

School of Engineering
The Progressive Innovation Program—$30,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Brooks Hall Commons—$20,000

Community Relations/Public Affairs
Linking Day in the Life’s Service to Jefferson Public Citizens’ Growth—$20,000

School of Architecture
Promoting the Student Experience in Collaborate+Design+Build+Evaluate Through the Learning Barge and ecoMOD4 Summer Build 2009—$20,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Student Math Study Lounge—$20,000

School of Engineering
Virginia Water Resources Cooperative Program—$15,761

College of Arts & Sciences
Language Pedagogy Workshop for Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages—$15,000

Center for Politics
Youth Leadership Initiative e-Congress—$12,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Enhanced Research Educational Experience—$11,136

2008—Total Grant Amount: $470,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the College Science Scholars and College Arts Scholars programs—$75,000

School of Engineering
Support the international studies program—$75,000

Center for Undergrad Excellence
Support the Double Hoo research initiative—$60,000

McIntire School of Commerce
Support the global partnership and curriculum development—$60,000

Center for Global Health
Support the water and health initiative in Limpopo Province, South Africa—$50,000

Madison House
Support the Program Capacity Building Project—$50,000

School of Architecture
Support the Falmouth Field School in Historic Preservation—$40,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support small-class seminars with an academic advising component, called COLA—$30,000

Department of Germanic Languages and Literature
Support the Center of Germanic Studies—$15,000

Virginia Glee Club
Support the “Songs of Virginia” project—$15,000

2007—Total Grant Amount:$325,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support the South Lawn construction project—$150,000

School of Nursing
Support the MBEYA Program for AIDS/HIV education in Lesotho—$50,000

School of Law
Create 13 Jefferson Trust PILA Fellowships that support internships in public-interest law—$50,000

Art Museum
Support multiple video projects of the 2005 exhibit: A Jeffersonian Ideal—$50,000

Development and Public Affairs
Support the marketing and communications of—$1 million Barber Challenge—$25,000

2006—Total Grant Amount: $301,821

Vice Provost for International Affairs
Support 24-hour access to international news feeds in Alderman Library—$100,000

Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra
Endow a principal’s chair for a harpist—$100,000

Faculty Senate
Support a dissertation-year fellowship—$25,000

Development and Public Affairs
Support the campaign’s public launch weekend—$25,000

College of Arts & Sciences
Support seven of a new series of small-class seminars with an academic advising component, called COLA—$21,000

Center for Undergrad Excellence
Support nine faculty-supervised undergraduate researchers—$20,821

Office of African-American Affairs
Support the OAAA peer advising program—$5,000

Student Organization
Support two new awards for exemplary men’s and women’s club teams—$5,000