Grant Recipients

Congratulations on receiving your Jefferson Trust grant!  The resources you may need are detailed below.  You can also contact Director of Grants Amy Bonner at 434-243-9078 or  You can also schedule a meeting with Amy.

Grant Account Access

The Trust partners with the UVA Fund to administer grant accounts.  For information on the UVA Fund and their processes, visit the UVA Fund website.  Click the link below to access your account and be sure to include “Jefferson Trust Grant Recipient” in the subject line of your payment requests.

For any payment or processing questions, contact Mary Andrew.

Access the UVA Fund portal

Grant Modifications

Things change and sometimes grants need to as well.  If something has changed in how you want to execute your grant, contact Amy Bonner.

Promotional and Media Support

We want to expand the ripples of your grant’s impact.  To request or provide logos, images, event information, or media resources and support, contact Andrea Seese.

Listen to past recipients share their experiences of promoting their grant project:

Trustee Liaison Program

The Board of Trustees is an active board with a wide array of unique backgrounds and experiences that could be helpful in your endeavors.  To learn more about the Program and how it can amplify your grant, contact Amy Bonner.

Grantee Summit

Jefferson Trust grantees are part of a unique group with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  In executing their grants, they face many of the same challenges and opportunities.  The Grantee Summit is hosted each April to help grantees learn from and connect with one another to surpass those hurdles and seize those opportunities.  The directors of all active grants are invited.  To learn more, contact Mary Andrew.