The trustee board of the Jefferson Trust is comprised of three types of trustees: Donor Trustees, Permanent Trustees and Appointed Trustees. Of the current 57 member trustee board, the majority are Donor Trustees who have contributed or pledged $100,000 or more to the Jefferson Trust. Four Permanent Trustees sit on the board as the result of their positions on the Board of Managers of the Alumni Association. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Jefferson Trust are Appointed Donor Trustees and are also members of the Board of Managers. In addition, the President of the Alumni Association participates on the Jefferson Trust board as an ex-officio member.

All trustees are invited to participate in the business of the Trust, attend annual board meetings, review grant proposals and serve on any of the committees of the board.

The board meets three times each year. Upcoming meeting dates are:

  • Winter Grants Meeting- Friday & Saturday, January 18-19, 2019
  • Spring Awards & Board Meeting- Friday & Saturday, April 12-13, 2019

2018-19 Trustee Board

Daniel S. Adler                                      Brian D. Macfarlane
James G. Aldigé, IV                              Thomas B. Mangas
Jenifer G. Andrasko                             Ashley Thompson Manning
Alexandra Arriaga                               Steven A. Marks
Elizabeth Ann Boutry                         William A. Marr, Jr.
Sarah Bridenhagen                             Jon E. Mattson
Renee deP. Brown                                Hugh D. McGuirk
Sara S. Brown                                         J. Nicholas Melton
Cameron B. & J. Duncan Burn         Edward C. Mitchell, Jr.
John A. Burns                                         John T. O’Connell
Robert G. Byron                                    Mary M. Owen
Michael S. Christopher                      Sharon M. Owlett
Charles P. Cocke, Jr.                            Paul A. Pastor
Matthew W. Cooper                            Jill F. Reid
Allison Cryor DiNardo                       James E. Rutrough, Jr.
Mary C. & Stuart T. Farrell              B. Francis Saul, III
C. Thomas Faulders III                     Scott A. Saunders
Robert B. Fauntleroy                         B. Hanson Slaughter
Mr. Lee R. Forker, Jr.                         Albert N. Small
Julie Weil Futch                                   Julious P. Smith, Jr.
Caroline H. Gibson                             Lawrence D. Sperling
Jennings S. Grant                               Richard T. Spurzem
Scott L. Gwilliam                                Brian E. Stengel
Victoria D. Harker                              James M. Taylor
Ashley M. Hinchman                        Alexander L. Thorndike
Jordan McDaniel Hinkebein          Patricia B. & Keith Woodard
James Eric Holder                              Sarah J. & Todd G. Zimmerman
Stuart E. Houston
Robert S. Hull
David A. Hyman
Meredith B. Jenkins
Martin H. Kanipe, Jr.
Kurt F. Kohlmeyer
William A. Lascara
Albert P. Lindemann, III