Use Your Funds

Payment Schedule:

  • All complete check requests received by 12:00 pm on Tuesday are ready for pick up at Alumni Hall after 3:00 pm on Thursday.
  • If you request a check to be mailed to the recipient, it will be placed in the U.S. Mail on Friday.
  • If you request an ACH, it will be processed on Thursday.
  • If you request a wire, it will be processed on the day your request is made for a $35 fee.
  • All requests received after 12:00 pm on Tuesday (except wires) will process the next week.
  • Please note: Alumni Hall is restricting access during COVID – if you would usually pick up a  check, please consider an alternative.  An ACH (bank transfer/direct deposit) is free and easy, and helps limit contact. We are also happy to mail checks to recipients. 

Additional Forms:

A Form W-9 must be received before any payment can be made to a vendor or provider of goods or services.  Please note that the UVA Fund is unable to issue awards or service payments to foreign nationals. Please bring the form to the UVA Fund office or fax it to 434-924-7032. If the W-9 does not contain an individual’s SSN, you can email it to