Status Update: Notifications sent

To determine if your project meets the parameters of a Jefferson Trust grant:


  • Application forms are made available in July.
  • The application submission deadline is midnight (or 11:59 pm) on September 30.
  • Some applicants will be asked to meet with the board in January to provide more information – this is not an indication of funding status.
  • All applicants will be notified of decisions in February, with grants formally announced in April.

Application Instructions

  1. Download the application document;
  2. Save a copy to your computer;
  3. Open document in Adobe Acrobat to complete the form.
    (You will have compatibility issues if you attempt to complete the form with another program or without following these steps. These issues may disqualify your proposal from consideration.)
  4. Provide answers for all of the questions in the application document.
  5. When your application is complete, return to this page and follow the steps below to submit your document. (You must submit the file as a PDF. All information must be contained in ONE document.)
  6. Check your email for a confirmation that your application was received.
  7. Check back on this page for updates on the review process.
Download Application


Submit Application

The deadline for the 2017-18 grant cycle has passed.