Project Spotlight

Stan Winston Arts Festival of the Moving Creature

This interdisciplinary research engages students from University of Virginia’s School of Architecture and Departments of Studio Art and Drama in a collaborative workshop to research, to design, and to construct “creatures” that will come to life for The Stan Winston Festival of the Moving Creature on April 20, 2013. Stan Winston was one of UVa’s most successful arts alumni, having graduated from Studio Art in 1968 and becoming one of Hollywood’s greatest masters of creature design and fabrication. His studio designed the creatures for “Jurassic Park,” “Aliens,” “Predator,” “Iron Man,” and “Avatar” to name just a few. Despite his passing a few years ago, this project aims to honor his legacy by engaging 70+ students during the Spring, building 4-7 full scale, perhaps even larger than life, creatures, and the Festival is the opportunity for the UVa community and beyond to come to Arts Grounds to bear witness to this singular event.

See a trailer for the documentary (Creative Director Jess Burnam, ’15 and Editor Kyle Lee, ’17).

Read a blog post by student and festival coordinator Molly Joyce ’13 for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Video included!

Visit the Facebook page for more images.


Stan Winston Arts Festival of the Moving Creature