Project Spotlight

Interactive Dissemination of Nursing Historical Resources

This project aims to provide public, innovative and scholarly web access to a unique collection owned by the UVA Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry (CNHI), the Nancy Milio collection.

Nancy Milio, a Public Health Nurse, worked with the African American community in inner city Detroit to establish a “Moms and Tots Health Clinic” during the racially explosive late 1960s.

Through this project, we plan to not only digitize the materials, index, and tag them for easy web retrieval, but also to provide analytical commentary regarding the context of the Public Health Nursing in these very turbulent times, thus providing a virtual secondary source. We propose to complete this work over a one year time frame upon receipt of the award.

The dissemination of this collection will assist researchers and the public to better understand the strategies that Milio employed in order to provide access to care for inner city, under-served families. The relevance of this project to present health access challenges cannot be underestimated.


Interactive Dissemination of Nursing Historical Resources