Project Spotlight

Developing Students for Leadership in Data-Intensive Research and Innovation

The rationale is to place both graduate and undergraduate students into a leadership position by defining, experientially, what new courses and curricula would be most useful for certificates or majors in “big data”. The mandated, cross disciplinary, collaborative experience would expose the students to the diversity of the big data landscape that characterizes U.Va. and therefore inform more meaningful decisions.

The advent of “big data” in many aspects of society and professional life promises enormous opportunities and advances in the humanities, science, engineering, medicine, law and business. While the prospects are great, they will only become realized as we develop the tools to store, manipulate, and analyze these large data sets and train a cadre of scholars and practitioners to use them in creative ways.

U.Va. is committed to be an early developer of “big data” and is positioned to become a leader. Achieving student-focused big data programs is one of the President’s strategic objectives. We have pockets of outstanding research activities that use complex computational approaches, and when brought together they become distinguishing.

This program brings graduate and undergraduate students together in interdisciplinary teams to catalyze new research collaborations, identify curricular needs in big data, and formulate requirements for a certificate in big data.

In addition, the presence of law, business, education, engineering, science, the humanities, medicine, and nursing on one campus allows uncommon synergies that promise to be highly productive and synergistic. Finally, we have strengths and envision strategic growth in many key areas that pertain to big data and complex computation.

Thus, disciplinary breadth and existing expertise provide the grips upon which we can build distinction in “big data”.


Developing Students for Leadership in Data-Intensive Research and Innovation