Student Grant Spotlight: Seriatim


Today’s student grant spotlight: Jack Brake with Seriatim

What is Seriatim?

The Seriatim Journal is U.Va.’s only forum dedicated to sharing undergraduate students’ ideas on American politics and political theory. Our mission is to serve the University of Virginia community and support an engaged citizenry by fostering an open marketplace of ideas and encouraging the productive exchange of political speech. To these ends, we publish a semesterly print journal, maintain an active website (, and host various events around Grounds to encourage intellectual engagement among students and faculty on relevant political issues.

How did students come up with the idea for Seriatim?

Ian Robertson and Russell Bogue (both CLAS 2016) founded Seriatim in 2011. They recognized the need for a journal that would help to disseminate the excellent work that Politics students were doing at U.Va., most of which was never widely shared with the University community.

What are your future goals for Seriatim?

As Editor-In-Chief, I am deeply involved with most aspects of Seriatim’s work, including soliciting academic papers, setting up our events, recruiting staff members and contributing writers, and designing the print journal. My favorite part is helping to design the journal. It is inspiring to see our peers’ written work presented in a professional setting that highlights the impressive breadth and depth of their engagement with diverse issues. I always learn so much from reading through Seriatim.