Student Grant Spotlight: DAEDALUS


Today’s student grant spotlight is with Jean Salac and the DAEDALUS project.


The DAEDALUS Project is an organization dedicated to providing project-based, hands-on seminars to first-year students to allow them to explore the different majors offered in the engineering school. The seminars are upperclassmen-led so that the first-year students have an opportunity to be mentored and advised by older students in the major.

First-years learning about the Anatomy of a Plane

First-years learning about the Anatomy of a Plane

How did you come up with the idea for the project?

The DAEDALUS Project was largely a result of my confusion and frustration as a first-year when I could not decide which major to pick and felt that I did not have enough resources. I soon found that other students felt the same way so in the Spring of 2015, we decided to start the DAEDALUS Project to help future first-years with their major decisions.

What are your future goals for the project?

With funding from the Jefferson trust, we hope to grow our seminars to include more interesting and innovative hands-on projects. We also hope to expand beyond in-class seminars and include lab and company tours as well.