Student Grant Spotlight: Co-Create UVA

Today’s student grant spotlight: Jacob Hardin with Co-Create UVA

What is Co-Create?

Co-create UVA works to support a culture of collaboration between students and faculty at UVA. We achieve this through events that raise awareness, mechanisms, like undergraduate student consultants, and by documenting the best practices and exemplars in student-faculty partnerships.

How did your team come up with the idea?

Co-create UVA actually started collaboratively between the Center for Teaching Excellence and ReinventED Lab, a student-led non-profit here in Charlottesville. Students at UVA take pride in their value of student self-governance but experience very little agency when it comes to creating their educational experience.

What are your future goals for Co-Create?

We have some events lined up for the Spring semester to raise awareness about collaboration at the university and we will continue conducting undergraduate student consultations. Co-create UVA plans to grow the number of consultations performed during the semester and have documented a significant number of exemplars in student-faculty partnerships by the end of 2017. We want to see student-faculty partnership become a part of every UVA student’s core values during their time at the university.

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