May ’17 Newsletter: Why Every Gift Counts

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Giving to Hoos LogoI have to admit, I was skeptical. “Giving To Hoos Day” seemed nice enough; but the Trust probably didn’t have a big enough pool of interested alums, parents and University supporters to make their potential donations that day really add up to much – most people don’t even know about us!

But boy was I wrong. Thank you to the many donors who made GTHD gifts to the Jefferson Trust that day; totaling over $105,000! The impact from that group donation will be felt for many years to come, as our grant endowment grows.  Here are a few examples of what the endowment income on just $105,000 (approximately $5200 annually) has supported in the past:

  • UVA Speaks grant/student group ($2500)
  • The HOPE Project grant/Center for Global Health ($5000)
  • Heart of Medicine grant/School of Medicine ($5100)
  • Support of OAAA Peer Advising grant/ Office of African-American Affairs ($5000)
  • Rewriting the Eighteenth Centuries Symposium grant/multiple schools ($5900)
  • HOOTS Tutoring grant/student group ($4400)

Every gift really does count, and the impact on our University is immediate – and immeasurable, in the eyes of the students, faculty and staff from across Grounds whose receipt of a Jefferson Trust grant has not only changed their world, but also the lives of those who have benefitted from a grant project or program. If you would like to learn more about any of our funded projects and how your gift could make a difference, please contact me at Kaye Forsman ( or phone me at 434-243-8118.  Thanks!