Mar. 16 Newsletter: Ignite – Supporting the Next Generation of UVA Faculty

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In the next 5 years, record numbers of UVA faculty will retire, bringing many fresh faces to the University community. Led by Dorothe Bach, Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Ignite Program will help faculty new to UVA develop into exceptional teachers by providing them with knowledge, skills, and a supportive community of peer educators.

This new programming coincides with the University’s Cornerstone Plan goal of supporting distinguished faculty and providing excellent educational experiences for all students. With initial funding from the Jefferson Trust, Ignite will help over 320 new faculty members in its first 5 years. These faculty will, throughout their tenures, affect the learning experiences of over a million students.

Not only open to new educators, the Ignite Program also welcomes seasoned faculty who are new to the UVA community. Provost Tom Katsouleas is “excited to participate in the Ignite program and … to be a part of what makes the culture of teaching and learning so special at UVA.”