Feb. ’17 Newsletter: Giving was Just the Beginning

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“Sometimes giving the money [to an organization] is the end of a process; but with the Jefferson Trust, it really was just the beginning for me …. and I’ve enjoyed it immensely”.  Alumnus and donor John Harris (COM ’82) recently participated in a panel of pan-University supporters, where he described the Trust as a “unique model across the country” that allows him to feel that his gift to the University through the Trust “really has legs” in providing important financial support to a wide variety of UVA schools, programs and initiatives.

With a desire to provide UVA students, faculty and other leaders with the tools and resources necessary to promote excellence in all areas of the University experience, donors to the Jefferson Trust represent a community of alumni and parents that are investing in the University’s future … and seeing the direct and tangible result of those investments.  You can hear more from John about his experience with the Trust, by watching this short video:

Please visit our website for a comprehensive description of all of the 141 grants that donors to the Trust have funded over the past 10 years, and for more information about starting your own, special relationship with the Jefferson Trust!