Global Initiatives

Limpopo YWLP photo Arctic Design

Water & Health in Limpopo

With $50,000 in seed funding from the Jefferson Trust, the 2008 Water & Health in Limpopo grant made to the Center for Global Health engaged  more than 115 UVA students, faculty and staff in developing sustainable point-of-use water treatment for suffering African communities. This ongoing project also garnered an additional outside investment of $6.5 million.

Young Women Leaders Program:
Sister to Sister

In 2012, the Jefferson Trust awarded $50,000 to the Sister to Sister Project. The project set out to restructure and strengthen the Young Women Leaders’ Program (YWLP) in Cameroon. The program fostered connection with YWLP participants and outreach to the community and continues to operate as an after school activity in several
Cameroon schools.

Arctic Design

The Arctic Design Initiative received $28,000 in Jefferson Trust funding in 2014. This unique program sought to create a multidisciplinary platform focused on arctic research that combined design with research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The project included student research assistantships for undergraduate and graduate students, and an Arctic Design Symposium at UVA that brought
together experts on the arctic from around the globe.