Frequently Asked Questions

Many frequently asked questions are addressed during the fall information sessions each year. Watch the video of our fall information session here.

When are grant applications due?

Grant applications are due Thursday, October 1, 2015.

Can I submit additional materials with my grant application?

We accept up to two pages of additional materials. Any materials beyond this will not be considered part of the application, and therefore will not be reviewed. Additional materials must be contained in the application document. There is not an opportunity to upload multiple documents.

How do I send you my dean/chair approval?

Typing the name and title into the application document indicates that approval has been received. We do not require additional documents.

How/when do I submit a progress report?

In September of each year, the Jefferson Trust will request a progress report. You will be able to upload your report and any images through our website. From the main page, click on Recipients.